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Joe's Italian Deli - Little Italy of the Bronx, NY Fine Imported Cheeses
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Imported Fine Cheeses

You’ll find the finest imported cheeses at Joe’s Italian Deli. With over 40 different cheeses, mostly from Italy, the hardest part of your job will be deciding which ones to take home.Parmigiano Reggiano - highest grade from Italy, aged for 3 years

The staple of the Italian table is, of course, Parmigiano Reggiano. Ours has been aged for three years and we buy only the highest grade from Italy.

Our provolone is aged to perfection producing a very sharp cheese that is just right for your antipasto dish.

All of our table cheeses can be cut up and eaten with sausage or fruit or proscuitto.

A sample of our cheese selections includes:

  • Fontinella – a semi-sharp cheese
  • Fontina – a mild, soft cheese that can be used for cooking as well as melted over chicken
  • Fiore di sardegna – a mild cheese from sheep’s milk that has been aged for over 60 days
  • Gorgonzola – a blue cheese with a very strong taste and smell
  • Piave – mild sheep’s milk cheese
  • Prima Donna – a mix between fresh Parmigiano and Gouda

All of our cheeses can be shipped. Please call 718.367.7979 to order today.


Order by Phone: 718.367.7979
Fontina - mild, soft cheese
Gorgonzola - blue cheese with strong taste and smell