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Joe's Italian Deli - Little Italy of the Bronx, NY Italian Meats & Cold Cuts
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Italian Meats & Cold Cuts

In addition to over 40 different Italian meats, at Joe’s Italian Deli we are proud to carry Prosciutto di Parma®, a special Prosciutto di Parma® - all natural hamtype of proscuitto from the same region as Parmigiano Reggiano.  At first bite, you will taste the difference this meat brings to the table. The pigs that are raised for this meat are fed a very strict diet and even receive massages to guarantee its tender and incomparable flavor. Proscuitto di Parma is an all-natural ham meaning it contains no additives. When you take a bite of this flavorful meat, all you taste is salt, air, time and pig. Use it for antipasto, in sandwiches, or toss it in a sauce to top a pasta dish.

Our specialty meats also include:Genoa Salami - best-known Italian Salami

  • Dry sausages
  • Dry sopressata – similar to a dry sausage but the meat is ground a little thicker and comes in hot or sweet flavors
  • Genoa salami – one of the best-known Italian salami
  • Mortadella – Italian bologna with pistacchio nuts in it 
  • Spec – a smoked proscuitto

All of our meats can be shipped. Please call 718.367.7979 to order today.

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