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Flavorful Oils & Vinegars

The liquid gold of Italian food is olive oil and at Joe’s Italian Deli we carry only the most fragrant and flavorful olive oil from Italy.

Olive Oils, Red & White Balsamic Vinegars, and Red WinesOur extra virgin olive oil comes from the Puglia region of southern Italy, the top olive oil producing region in the country, and is always first cold-pressed. We also carry top-of-the-line unfiltered olive oil which is perfect for salad, antipasto, and bread dipping. We sell 10 different kinds of olive oil, each one a colorful and tasty addition to your table.

Our vinegars include red and white balsamic as well as red wine. Our red balsamic vinegars have been aged for over five years, have a very strong taste and are perfect for drizzling over fresh mozzarella or on sandwiches. The white balsamic vinegars are a little sweeter than the reds and are just the thing for topping salads.

All of our oils and vinegars can be shipped. Please call 718.367.7979 to order.


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Extra Virgin Olive OilsOlive Oil - Liquid Gold of Italian Foods