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Imported Pastas & Rice

Whether you’re making a traditional dish like baked ziti, spaghetti or lasagna or you’re experimenting with a new recipe, at Joe’s Italian Deli we have the correct pasta for your meal.

Divella Italian Imported PastasWe feature popular Italian imported pastas from such well-known names as Divella and De Cecco. In addition to time-honored pastas we also carry pastas that are flavored with such ingredients such as peppericini, olive oil, truffles, and porcini mushrooms. We also have whole wheat pastas as well as organic choices.

Confused about which pasta to choose? Let us help you. If you want a pasta that will absorb the sauce then select a grooved pasta, like rigatoni, so the sauce sticks to it. Small-sized pastas are great in soups and long pastas are perfect for heavier sauces like an alfredo dish.

Pastas aren’t the only thing we sell. Our wide variety of rice includes Arborio (for making luscious risotto), brown, organic and Spanish for paella.

For a quick meal, stop by our deli counter for some of our homemade marinara sauce. Either use it as-is or add cream to it to make a pasta a la vodka or mix it with meat or sausage.

No matter which pasta or rice you select, you know you are bringing home the best for your meal.

All of our pasta, rice, and sauces can be shipped. Please call 718.367.7979 to order today.

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