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Joe's Italian Deli - Little Italy of the Bronx, NY House Specialties Served Hot or Cold Daily!
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Italian House Specialties

Our most well-known house specialty, of course, is our homemade mozzarella cheeses. But Joe’s Italian Deli is so much more than that.

Maria’s and Joe’s parents brought their recipes to the United States from Southern Italy and over the years have continued the tradition. While we have expanded on these recipes, we have kept the custom and taste of traditional, Southern Italy home cooking.

All of our house specialties are made fresh everyday. We start cooking early in the morning and by lunchtime the food is hot and fresh.

Hot Dishes - See Photo Gallery
Our hot dishes feature favorites such as:

  • Eggplant and chicken parmigians – our most popular lunch items because the chicken is tender and the homemade mozzarella is melted to the perfect temperature so it’s not too stringy or too soft; the sauce adds a wonderfully bold flavor.
  • Baked ziti
  • Chicken Francais (floured and sautéed with a homemade lemon sauce of butter, garlic, lemon juice, white wine and seasonings)
  • Fried or grilled eggplant
  • Steamed vegetables
  • Sausage and peppers
  • Rice balls
  • Grilled chicken

Cold Dishes - See Photo Gallery
Our cold dishes are great on their own or as side dishes or part of an antipasto platter. You could even make a sandwich out of them. A sample of our homemade dishes includes:

  • Marinated mushroom salad
  • Marinated oyster mushrooms
  • Homemade roasted red peppers
  • Italian stuffed peppers – stuffed with prosciutto and provolone cheese
  • Marinated imported artichokes with stems
  • Grilled cremini mushrooms
  • Homemade grilled marinated veggies
  • Homemade sundried tomatoes
  • Cold seafood salad – calamari, scallops, mussels, clams and octopus in a homemade olive oil and seasonings marinade

Homemade Roasted Peppers

Orreciate with broccoli rabe and sausage

Homemade Grilled Cremini Mushrooms

Imported Roman Artichokes with Stem