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Meats & Cold Cuts

In addition to over 40 different Italian meats, at Joe’s Italian Market and Deli we are proud to carry Prosciutto di Parma®, a special type of prosciutto from the same region as Parmigiano Reggiano.  At first bite, you will taste the difference this meat brings to the table. The pigs that are raised for this meat are fed an extremely strict diet and even receive massages to guarantee its tender and incomparable flavor. Prosciutto di Parma® is an all-natural ham, meaning it contains no additives. When you take a bite of this flavorful meat, all you taste is salt, air, time and pig. Great in antipasto, sandwiches or toss it in a sauce to top a pasta dish.

Our specialty meats also include:

  • Dry sausages
  • Dry sopressata­—a dry sausage with thicker-ground meat in hot or sweet flavors
  • Genoa salami—one of the best-known Italian salami
  • Mortadella—Italian bologna with pistachio nuts in it 
  • Spec—a smoked prosciutto

Imported Fine Cheeses

You’ll find the finest imported cheeses at Joe’s Italian Market and Deli. With over 40 different cheeses, mostly from Italy, the hardest part of your job will be deciding which ones to take home.

The staple of the Italian table is, of course, Parmigiano Reggiano. Ours has been aged for three years and we buy only the highest grade from Italy.

Our provolone is aged to perfection producing a very sharp cheese that is just right for your antipasto dish.

All our table cheeses can be cut up and eaten with sausage or fruit or prosciutto.

A sample of our cheese selections includes:

  • Fontinella—a semi-sharp cheese
  • Fontina—a soft, mild cheese used for cooking as well as melted over chicken
  • Fiore di Aardegna—a mild sheep’s milk cheese aged for over 60 days
  • Gorgonzola—a blue cheese with an extraordinarily strong taste and smell
  • Piave—mild sheep’s milk cheese
  • Prima Donna—a mix of fresh Parmigiano and Gouda

Imported Pasta & Rice

Whether you’re making a traditional dish like baked ziti, spaghetti or lasagna or you’re experimenting with a new recipe, at Joe’s Italian Deli we have the correct pasta for your meal.

We feature popular Italian imported pastas from such well-known names as Divella and De Cecco. In addition to time-honored pastas we also carry pastas that are flavored with such ingredients such as pepperoncini, olive oil, truffles, and porcini mushrooms. We also have whole wheat pastas as well as organic choices.

Confused about which pasta to choose? Let us help you. If you want a pasta that will absorb the sauce then select a grooved pasta, like rigatoni, so the sauce sticks to it. Small-sized pastas are great in soups and long pastas are perfect for heavier sauces like an alfredo dish.

Pastas aren’t the only thing we sell. Our wide variety of rice includes Arborio (for making luscious risotto), brownorganic and Spanish for paella.

For a quick meal, stop by our Italian market deli counter for some of our homemade marinara sauce. Either use it as-is or add cream to it to make a pasta a la vodka or mix it with meat or sausage.